DC Collectibles Tops Toy Charts In October

by Chris Foti
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With Christmas fast approaching (43 days to be exact!) many people have already made and/or received their Christmas lists and are preparing to get gifts for the loved ones in their life.  If you aren’t sure what to get someone and have a DC Comics fan in your life, then Diamond Comics Distributors had some interesting stats regarding top products in October to help you out.

The DC Collectibles’ Batman: The Animated Series Deluxe Batmobile was the best-selling toy product for all of October, and one of the manufacturer’s three products that were in the top ten.  Also ranking in the top ten were the DC Comics: The New 52: Justice League Action Figure 7-Piece Box Set at #4 and the Batman: The Animated Series: Batman & Robin with Batsignal Action Figure 2-Pack at #9.


DC Collectibles Deluxe Batmobile
DC Collectibles New 52 JLA 7-Figure Set
DC Collectibles Batman & Robin with Batsignal


What are you planning on getting the Bat-fan in your life this holiday?  Let us know (in secret of course so you don’t spoil the surprise)!

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