NYCC 2016: ‘Gotham’ Panel, Cast Talks Bruce’s Doppelganger and Reveal Character’s Meetings

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Being that Gotham is still going strong with its third season, you have to expect that they’d have a presence at the New York Comic-Con this weekend. Unfortunately, only three cast members made it to the convention, but it seems that fans had a good time nonetheless.

Gotham‘s Bruce Wayne, Penguin, and Barbara Kean made it to the stage. That’s David Mazouz, Robin Lord Taylor, and Erin Richards, respectively. Mazouz was accompanied by his dog, who was cosplaying as Robin (the Boy Wonder, not the actor).

In the panel, there were a few important details that are being reported on:

Though it’s never going to happen, a fan inquired about the possibility of Gotham crossing over with the Arrowverse. David Mazouz revealed himself to be a fan of The Flash, by replying, “Now that the Flash can time travel, I wouldn’t mind if Grant Gustin ran a little bit back in time and ended up in the GCPD.” Seems like Mazouz is current on the series. Not a crossover, but maybe Mazouz can appear on The Flash in a random supporting role. The folks over at the CW seem pretty lenient on casting when Jason Mewes appeared in the season 2 episode “The Runaway Dinosaur,” directed by Kevin Smith.

The cast also seemed particularly excited about Cameron Monaghan’s eventual return to Gotham. Taylor said, “I am over the moon about it. [Cameron Monaghan] is an amazing, amazing actor. We’re so happy to have him back.

Now, we get to the interesting tidbits. Because the actors were present, they revealed that Penguin and Bruce will have their first speaking scene together during season. They have met in passing before, but Penguin’s story thread simply never crossed with Bruce’s. Bruce was always questing to find his parents’ killer, which eventually led to the appearance of the Court of Owls… and monsters, while Penguin was always about rising up in the mob, doing mob things like shooting people, and then going to rehab.

Also, Mazouz revealed that his character will meet the new and improved Ivy (played by Maggie Geha). That alone sent my mind racing with thoughts of how they could react to one another Last they met, Ivy was younger than Bruce, but seemed interested in the billionaire orphan. It’s curious to see if she will feel the same way towards Bruce and how awkward it will be, considering the fact that she still has the same 15-year-old mentality. It might too weird for Gotham… then again, I don’t think they have a limit these days.

While we’re on the subject of meetings, Richards revealed that her character and Ed will have scenes together. How? I guess we’ll find out. Possibly, being that Ed is currently unemployed, he may work for her at the Sirens club. A murderous psychopathic genius has to eat too.

And lastly, Mazouz briefly discussed dopperganger Bruce, whom I’ve dubbed Grunge Rock Bruce due to his dirty rock star haircut. Mazouz explained that he’s heard a few fan theories: The first claims that he is Hush, the gun-toting surgeon obsessed with getting revenge on Bruce, while the second claims that he is the estranged firstborn of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Thomas Wayne Jr. Regarding those theories, Mazouz added something cryptic to the discussion, saying, “This Bruce is not completely somebody from the comic books, but it’s kind of a mix of Gotham originality and maybe one or two of those theories that I just mentioned.” It seems like he will be a new character with a backstory that resembles the two aforementioned characters. Maybe, he will be a new character who was created by the Court of Owls to be Talon and surgically altered to look like Bruce. Just taking a shot in the dark.

Either way, Season 3 is shaping up to be very interesting.

Season 3 of Gotham is airing now, Mondays on Fox.

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