Ben Affleck Reveals Batman Movie Title

by Eric Lee
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During a press tour for his new movie The Accountant, Ben Affleck finally unveiled the title of the upcoming Batman film he is writing, directing, and starring in. The movie will be called: The Batman.

“The movie, I think, is going to be called The Batman. At least that’s what we’re going with now. That’s about it right now. That’s all I got. We’re working on the script, the script is going well. I’m really excited about it, and I assure you that when there’s anything that develops you’ll hear about it.”

This is more-or-less confirmation of the movie title. However, given Affleck’s remarks about “that’s what we’re going with now”, it sounds like that it could potentially change in the future. Additionally, Warner Bros. has not made any official announcement of the movie’s title, so it is just Affleck’s word so far.

The Batman would be an awesome title, that harkens back to the old comic book appearances where criminals would add the word, “the” in front of Batman’s name. While it is a minor thing, it instills the sense that Batman is a creepy urban legend to the underworld, similar to how we say, “the boogeyman” or “the loch ness monster”. If The Batman is the official release title, then I would personally be very happy with it.

The Batman so far has no official release date.

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