New Featurette on ‘Gotham’s’ Older Ivy

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Last week, the first episode of Season 3 premiered, setting up the advent for Older Ivy.

It came as a shock to some fans when suddenly, we received news that Ivy was being recast. At least I was. Though she wasn’t anything like the Ivy we know (even her name was different), I enjoyed Clare Foley’s Ivy. She was very strange and worked within Gotham’s ridiculously over-the-top world.

Enter Maggie Geha, who will be making her first appearance as Ivy Pepper in tomorrow’s episode entitled, “Burn the Witch.” Considering how unexpected this change was, I supposed it warranted some explanation.

Fox has put together this featurette that helps to explain what happened and how it has affected the character.

The way it’s written kind of works. We have a very insecure and lonely child who’s finally getting attention because she blossomed into a beautiful overnight. She’s went from an awkward fifteen-year-old girl to a very voluptuous 22-year-old woman. Not only does it help to validate her, but she’ll probably begin to realize exactly what type of power she has over men (and some women).

It’s interesting and likely would only work in a comic book setting and the crew is taking advantage of that. My only gripe is that it’s just too fast. I’m not sure this Gotham really needed Poison Ivy already.

Episode 2 of Season 3, “Burn the Witch,” premieres tomorrow on Fox, at 8PM EST.

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