Cameron Monaghan Teases ‘Gotham’ Fans with Some Laughter

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Season 3 of Gotham is upon us. You should expect to see it tomorrow. Fox’s marketing train has been on overdrive, while the cast and crew have been making their rounds to try to hype up the new season.

And then, there’s one fellow who decided to play with our hearts. Someone we believed we wouldn’t see again… any time soon.

Cameron Monaghan, the man who played Jerome Valeska on Gotham tweeted out this mysterious message a few days ago:

Which is pretty darn cryptic, given the fact that the actor doesn’t really tweet things like that. Normally, I’d refuse to make mountains out of molehills, but then, he followed it up with a direct reference to Gotham, with a particularly unique laugh on Instagram.


A video posted by Cameron Monaghan (@cameronmonaghan) on

Now, personally, I think that laugh is a little uneven and had me cringing at times, but his turn as Jerome (or Proto-Joker as the crew likes to call him) was possibly one of the better live-action performances we’ve seen in a while and is likely closest to the comic book version; Equal parts silly, theatrical, and maniacal.

Since then, other websites have picked up on it as a tease to his return on Gotham (or the arrival of the Joker) and he’s been constantly retweeting them, not at all correcting them.

The executive producers themselves have mentioned multiple times that’d he likely return, but so soon?

Either way, I’m exciting.

Ready for Jerome’s return?

Gotham airs tomorrow, September 19th, on Fox, at 8PM EST.

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