‘Suicide Squad’ Week Two Box Office Update

Suicide Squad topped the weekend box office again despite a sizable audience drop and stiff competition from new movies.

David Ayer’s Suicide Squad made $43.8 million at the domestic box office, which is down 67.3% from its opening weekend. Still, it remained number one at the domestic box office, fending off new movie openings like Sausage Party. 

So far, Suicide Squad’s domestic total is $222.9 million. In international territories, the film gained another $58.7 million this past weekend, making the international total $242.5 million to date. The film’s combined worldwide total is $465.4 million.

A hefty 67% drop-off from the first to second weekend draws easy comparisons to Batman v Superman’s similar 69% drop-off. This may make some fans nervous about Suicide Squad’s performance, but the domestic numbers are quite strong and are currently outpacing  2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy in the North American box office.

You can read DKN’s review of Suicide Squad here.

Suicide Squad is now playing in theaters.


Eric Lee

Eric Lee hails from San Francisco, California and has been one of the biggest fans of Batman since he was 2 years old when his dad showed him Tim Burton's 'Batman' on a fuzzy VHS. Currently, Eric is an avid comic book reader and writer and illustrator working on his own graphic novel. You can see his doodles at meeleeart.com.