Prime 1 Studio Unveils New Batman Statue

by Ryan Lower
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The Dark Knight Returns turned the big 30 earlier this year, and Prime 1 Studio is pulling out all the stops. The incredibly talented artists have released a new collectible statue celebrating TDKR. Take a look at the pictures below and TRY to keep from drooling.

Here’s a list of all that is included:

-One (1) Switchable Angry Portrait
-One (1) Switchable Damage Angry Portrait
-One (1) Switchable Right palm Holding Sniper rifle
-One (1) Switchable Pair of arm for Holding rope Batarang
-One (1) Switchable Right relax palm
-One (1) Switchable left fist

Exclusive version:

-One (1) Switchable Calm Portrait
-One (1) Switchable left hand holding Multiple Batarangs

Now the answer to the big question: how much does it cost?

Better save up, or take out a loan from Wayne Financial: $969 U.S.

It’s okay to dream isn’t it?

The statue is expected to ship between June and August of next year.

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