New Batman/TMNT and Green Lantern/Star Trek Crossovers Announced by IDW & DC

by Nat Brehmer
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After successful Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Star Trek/Green Lantern comic miniseries in 2015, IDW and DC have announced follow-ups for both.

The Star Trek/Green Lantern series will be a direct sequel to Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War. Written by Mike Johnson and illustrated by Angel Hernandez, the new series is said to also include appearances by other cosmic characters for fans of both series.tmnt-batman

The Batman/TMNT crossover, meanwhile, will take things in a different direction. Titled Batman/TMNT Adventures, the comic will be set within the universe of Batman: The Animated Series. This is a smart decision, I think, as it allows the writers the chance to explore a totally different side of both sets of characters that could not have been explored in the previous, grittier crossover series.

Batman/TMNT Adventures launches in November, while the yet untitled Star Trek/Green Lantern series is expected to launch sometime in the winter.


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