DC All Access: ‘Suicide Squad’ Stars in DC Universe: The Exhibit; Top 10 Rebirth Moments That Matter

by Eric Joseph
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DC Universe: The Exhibit is an exciting new addition to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour that gives you an unprecedented look at DC’s two newest films. In this exclusive DC All Access clip, we get a private tour of the exhibit, getting up close and personal with props and costumes from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and finding ourselves behind bars in Harley Quinn’s prison cell from Suicide Squad.

From its first page to its shocking last, DC Universe: Rebirth tells a powerful tale about the impact of love and hope against a universe of despair and cynicism that will have profound effects on every corner of the DCU. In this DC All Access clip, we list off our ten moments that matter most to the lives of your favorite DC heroes.

Suicide Squad opens in theaters on August 5.

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