‘Teen Titans Go!: Eat. Dance. Punch!’ DVD Announced

Teen Titans Go!: Eat. Dance. Punch! Dvd Announcement Dark Knight News


Memorial Day is just around the corner, and Cartoon Network wants to celebrate it by releasing Part One of the third season of Teen Titans Go! entitled “Eat. Dance. Punch!” One of the most popular shows ever to grace the Cartoon Network, this animated version of the Teen Titans is still a powerhouse as the network’s #1 series.

Here’s the official press release from Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment:

Includes Over Four Hours of Cartoon Network’s #1 Series

After three successful seasons, the popularity of Teen Titans Go! is undeniable and has lead Cartoon Network to aptly brand the network’s Thursday cartoon block as “New Titans Thursday.” On May 31, 2016, everyone will enjoy 26 all-new adventures with DC Comics’ Teen Titans as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) and DC Entertainment release Teen Titans Go!: Eat. Dance. Punch! Season 3 Part 1 on a 2-disc DVD collection $19.97 SRP.

Robin, Cyborg, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy are back for the latest installment in the Teen Titans Go! Series with another season of crime fighting and gut-busting adventures. Hilarity ensues as everyone’s favorite heroes must band together to fight crime and deal with everyday adolescent issues. Whether their capes are on or off, the gang is always up to something!

“Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is delighted to release of Teen Titans Go!: Eat. Dance. Punch! Season 3 Part 1 on DVD,” said Mary Ellen Thomas, WBHE Vice President, Family, Animation & Partner Brands Marketing. “Fans can get excited about yet another installment of the ever-popular Teen Titans Go! animated series.”


The 2-disc release will hit shelves next Tuesday, May 31, 2016!

Joshua Howell

Joshua Howell

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