‘Batman v Superman’ Box Office Update: The Good and the Bad

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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As one of the most divisive superhero movies to ever be released, Batman v Superman has divided critics and fans alike. For a while, it seemed that the flick would remain unstoppable at the box office with so many records broken on opening weekend, but the reviews are finally taking their toll.

There’s good news and bad news. To be impartial, let’s go in chronological order.

On Wednesday, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Batman v Superman got the honor of biggest opening for a DC comics film ever in Russia. The film earned 525 million rubles, which is converted to $7.7 million USD.

On Thursday, Comicbook.com reported that the film had earned $200 million domestically. That brings the worldwide total above the $500 million mark. That Wednesday night, Batman v Superman managed to receive $8.1 million, giving it the 2nd highest box office for a Wednesday.

Also on Thursday, TheWrap.com is reporting that BvS is still ruling the Fandango online ticket sales, explaining the film is seeing several repeat viewings. They explain that the sales on BvS are 30% higher than your average blockbuster film.

Today, we’ve got some bad news for fans of the flick. The Friday night totals have come in and it looks like the bad reviews and even worse word-of-mouth have finally taken effect. Deadline is reporting the Friday-to-Friday totals have seen a massive drop, which means when comparing the box office take from last week Friday to yesterday, there’s a significant drop of approximately 72%. Box office analysts are predicting a 70% drop in cash flow for the entire weekend, making it one the largest drops in superhero films… ever. It’s even worse to note that BvS is seeing no major competition this weekend.

However, the weekend is still going and we may be surprised. Stay tuned to DKN for more updates regarding the box office. Fingers crossed.

If you loved it and are willing to pay to see it again, go out and support the flick.

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