‘Batman v Superman’ Seizes Tuesday Box Office Record for March

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has seized the Tuesday record for the month of March (29 March 2016) with a domestic total of $12.2M, while it also earned a worldwide total of $46M on the same day. However, BvS grabbed a domestic total of $15M on Monday.  Regardless, Batman v Superman‘s domestic total of $12.2M topped other Tuesday records that include: Spider-man 2 with $12M, Guardians of the Galaxy with $11.9M, Man of Steel with $11.5M, Iron Man 3 with $11.3M, and Deadpool with $11.56M.  Finally, Batman v Superman is slowly approaching a worldwide gross of $500M, and it has been in US theaters since 25 March 2016.

Let’s see how far this bad boy goes.

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