Vertigo Roundup: Jacked #5

by Eric Joseph
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jacked 5

Writer: Eric Kripke

Artists: John Higgins & Marc Olivent

“It’s evil Dr. Blumpkin! What should I do with him, Torch Girl?”

This issue is appropriately titled “Journey to the Center of the Mind” and sees Josh embark on a psychedelic trek through, well, his own mind. Actually, it happens while he navigates a criminal stronghold. The hallucinations he experiences compared to what is happening in reality make for a hilarious read.

The moral of the series as a whole is kind of summed up in a nutshell in this installment. Any middle-aged person can feel inadequate. Despite all its irreverence, Jacked teaches us to be content with the blessings we are afforded, as opposed to unrealistic dreams we have never achieved.

It looks like we are in for one hell of a finale next month, so buckle up. This is the best comic you will ever read that features a Transformer banging a high school Spanish teacher (yep).


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