Review: Batman & Robin Eternal #19

by Ryan Lower
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Batman & Robin Eternal (2015-) 019-000Writer: Tim Seeley

Penciller: Paul Pelletier

The virus runs its course through the pages of Batman & Robin Eternal this week. An 18-issue buildup finally has its payoff as we open up to a perfectly drawn page only to see destruction break out, thanks to Mother. Her virus that she’s been working on has finally spread to all of her children, and they are trained well. Meanwhile, Dick and company are huddled in their base optimistic they have avoided the spreading, which doesn’t hold true very long. Plus, Red Hood tries to retrieve a damaged Harper Row, who turns on him. The issue is madness with attacks coming on nearly every page, and that is a good thing.

Simply put: a great issue! Most of the pages consisted of action, but writer Tim Seeley really worked in some emotion, building onto the seeds that have been planted in previous issues. I really enjoy how all of the “kids,” even in the “hideout,” became victims of virus and turned on their allies. While the action was great, it was even better when drawn by artist Paul Pelletier. I’m always (minus an issue here or there) applauding Eternal’s doodle efforts and issue #19 deserves the clap (I know how that sounds). We don’t get any flashbacks this week but that’s okay, because we still get a nice dose of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Due to that, he then ends up being responsible for our exciting little cliffhanger.

Overall, a fun, exciting issue that is a little bit of a payoff for weeks of buildup.


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