Batman’s Final Days of Solitude Encapsulated in a Photo Set

by Luke Wongsuwan
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French artist, Travis Durden, has envisioned a post-apocalyptic realm in which Batman might be living out his final days, among the ruins of the world. According to Durden, “the natural life cycle of myths and idols involves their destruction,” and thus, the artist created a photo set comprising real photographs that seamlessly, digitally integrate either Batman himself or Batman-related elements and post-apocalyptic landscapes that portend potentially imminent destruction and isolation.



“Bat Broken” w/ Antti Viitala



“Bat Home” w/ Alicia Riu



“Bat Piano” w/ Jason Koxvold



“Bat Theater” w/ Matt Lambros



“Bat Station” w/ Ed Freeman


Have a nice, gloomy day.

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