‘Gotham’ Motion Comic Bridges the First and Second Parts of Season Two

by Eric Lee
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Gotham is taking a midseason break at the moment, but fear not, there are still new stories being made in its absence via Internet motion comics.

DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. TV, and FOX released the first of a weekly five-part motion comic called Gotham Stories that acts as the filler between the first and second parts of the current season. Viewers of The X-Files can watch 30 seconds of the motion comic on TV every week, while everybody else can go to IGN.com to watch the full 60 seconds installments.

Furthermore, the show’s cast are lending their voices to their characters in the motion comic too, including Robin Lord Taylor as the Penguin and Nathan Darrows as Victor Fries.

A new installment is released every Monday leading up to the show’s midseason premiere. This week’s installment can be seen right below.

Gotham returns to FOX on February 29.

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