Hot Toys Announces Life-Sized ‘Batman v Superman’ Armored Batman Figure

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Are you guys sick of the massive merchandise onslaught that WB is putting out for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice yet? Me neither. With each new piece of merchandise, though obvious cash grabs and something that likely will never find itself in my collection (I say this knowing that I currently have a box of Batman cereal in my room), I can’t help but get increasingly excited.

Speaking of totally impractical, expensive pieces of merchandise that will never find its way into my hands, makers of highly detailed collectibles, Hot Toys made a huge announcement. And when I say huge, I mean it in more ways than one. On Facebook, they unveiled their Life-Sized Masterpiece Series. And their first figure? Armored Batman from BvS!

Take a look at their Facebook containing all the juicy details:

Hot Toys has always been the true leader of the high-end collectible market and today we are very thrilled to take this market to a whole new level and officially announce we have acquired the rights to offer our incredibly stunning life-size statues of iconic film characters to the dedicated collectors around the world!

Fans have always admired the sophisticated craftsmanship, high quality and fine details of our 1/6th and 1/4th scale collectibles, and now collectors can enjoy all these great feats with their own personal life-size collectibles from Hot Toys’ new “Life-Size Masterpiece Series”!

To kick-off the new series, Hot Toys is excited to officially present the Armored Batman Life-Size Collectible based on one of the biggest blockbusters of 2016 – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice!

The movie-accurate and realistic life-size collectible will be available in selected markets and stands approximately 1.95m/6.4ft tall (2.2m/7.2ft tall with base). It features an armored head with light-up eyes, authentic and detailed likeness of Batman’s lower face, meticulously sculpted replica of the Batsuit and armor, a fabric cape, and a circular base with light-up function and movie logo.

This Armored Batman Life-Size Collectible is a phenomenal work that rivals a piece of fine art and will be a truly spectacular centerpiece for your “Batcave”!

More Hot Toys Life-Size Collectibles will be coming soon, fans please stay tuned!

I wasn’t exaggerating, when I said, “huge.” This thing stands almost a foot taller than me!

Take a look at these breathtaking photos:

I know I will never purchase it, but it’s still extremely cool that it exists.

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