Review: Gotham Academy #14

by Michael Devaney
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Writer: Brenden Fletcher

Artist: Adam Archer

As the cover of this month’s issue indicates, it’s yearbook preparation time at Gotham Academy and as you might expect, Maps is all in. What you probably wouldn’t expect, however, is that Maps would be rejected by the school’s yearbook team.
When Olive encounters a “bummed out” Maps in the hallway immediately after her snubbing from the committee, the delivery of her bad news jump starts issue #14’s story.
Maps’ obvious sadness prompts Olive to give her BFF an early gift to cheer her up (one she’d been saving to give her at the holiday break)—a personalized scrapbook of her own to record the not-so-shareable, private antics involving some of the students’ adventures. As expected, this instantly flips Maps mood for the better. Shortly thereafter, Olive and Maps are joined by Pomeline and the three girls begin reminiscing which highlights an entertaining series of the student’s most memorable pranking moments from the past year.
While the yearbook idea seems fun, the pedestrian tales left something to be desired causing the newness to wear off quickly. Although not completely unentertaining, I’m accustomed to a little more from the title. Next month, we’re scheduled to receive a second helping titled “Yearbook Part Two.” Hopefully, it’ll pack more of a punch.
My Rating:5outof10

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