Vertigo Roundup: New Romancer #2 and Slash & Burn #3

new romancer 2

New Romancer #2

Writer: Peter Milligan

Artist: Brett Parson

Peter Milligan and Brett Parson have served up yet another issue of New Romancer that is written and drawn to near perfection. This blend of wit, comedy, and conspiracy should not be missed by any Vertigo fan. Another level of intrigue is provided this month as we gain insight into Lexy’s past and her family (just what is up with her dad?). Add to that Casanova, who just might be Vertigo’s breakout villain of 2016, and you have a recipe for success. I’m in love with New Romancer.


slash and burn 3

Slash & Burn #2

Writer: Si Spencer

Artist: Max Dunbar

This isn’t a bad comic book by any means as it is written and drawn well. It’s just that the current creative resurgence Vertigo is currently enjoying has many titles that overshadow it such as Jacked, The Sheriff of Babylon, and New Romancer, which happen to be my current favorites from the imprint. The characters and story just don’t have that certain something the aforementioned titles possess. If you want to give Slash & Burn a try, by all means do so. It just isn’t capturing my interest.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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