Vertigo Roundup: Last Gang in Town #1, Jacked #2 & Art Ops #3

last gang in town #1

Last Gang in Town #1

Writer: Simon Oliver

Artist: Rufus Dayglo

While not one of the strongest new series from Vertigo to launch this year, Last Gang in Town is an uncompromising punk rock tale that contains the various elements of a would be cult classic. Although I wasn’t entirely enthralled by its first outing, I do see the potential it has. Even if your feelings for this are lukewarm, you should at least stick around for another issue or two.


jacked 2

Jacked #2

Writer: Eric Kripke

Artist: John Higgins

Moving on to one of Vertigo’s best new titles, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke once again knocks it out of the park, proving the first issue was no fluke. This book has it all: a kick ass protagonist, action, intrigue, humor, and even a bit of charm. There aren’t many comics on the rack right now that are better than this.


art ops 3

Art Ops #3

Writer: Shaun Simon

Artists: Michael Allred & Matt Brundage

Art Ops continues with perhaps the biggest thing to happen to the Statue of Liberty since Ghostbuster II. This issue combines the off the wall nature you have come to expect from the series with a bit of superheroics. I feel this issue is better than the previous one and Michael Allred fans should give this one a look.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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