Review: New Romancer #1

new romancer #1

Writer: Peter Milligan

Artist: Brett Parson

The latest offering from Vertigo’s fall slate is a real dandy. New Romancer is funny, clever, and a little naughty, but not without a hint of dread. I must offer Peter Milligan, who is no stranger to Vertigo, much thanks for writing a book that completely took me by surprise.

Joining him is Brett Parson, whose artwork is just as crisp as any animated series and is able to capture the book’s tone perfectly. Some creative layouts are also to be had, so don’t forget to take in all the details.

Here’s what you need to know: Lexy, a young computer programmer, finds herself working for a dating site, New Romancer. She writes fake dating profiles using the identities of the great romantics of history. An algorithm she inputs somehow causes the spirits of those folks to inhabit some experimental cadavers at her former employer. Yes, it sounds kind of goofy, but it makes for good reading. I must also compliment them for the exquisite use of the word “fellatio.”

Lord Byron, who is primed to be one of the main characters, is featured in the more hilarious scenes in the book. Seeing a man who once courted women with eloquent poetry thrust into a modern nightclub populated by “Generation Why Not?” (my terminology, not the book’s) made for great juxtaposition.

On a similar note, Byron, as pictured on the cover, reminds me of a guy who sometimes visits a nightclub that I frequent. Said gentleman incorporates props into his dance moves and has once used a rose.

Now that I’ve regaled you with the minutiae of my nightly adventures, I’ll reaffirm that Vertigo has done it again. You’ve heard me sing their praises for the past few weeks and deservedly so. If they keep putting out books like this, we should keep reading.


Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

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