Review: Batman and Robin Eternal #8

by Ryan Lower
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Writer: Genevieve Valentine

Pencillers: Alvaro Martinez & Scot Eaton

Batman and Robin Eternal #8 continues a rough night at the opera. While Dick Grayson is standing face-to-face with Mother, Harper Row and Cassandra Cain are out fighting actors. As is the case with this title, we are taken to the foundation of this story and events that happened years ago which are dramatically affecting the present day. This time, Bruce Wayne and Dick are hanging out at the opera, with Dick’s fear (is he good enough to be Robin?) still plaguing his every moment. Bruce takes a break and goes to meet with Mother about finding a wife (read issue #6 to connect the dots here). However, we see the Dark Knight is in full detective mode here and is up to something else. Back in the present, Mother gives Dick a tough choice: learn a few secrets about Batman or help out his partners. Dick, in typical hero fashion, chooses his partners. Meanwhile, Red Robin and Red Hood continue their chase in Gamorra, which ends in a rather fearful way.

Eternal remains strong with this week’s issue. With constant flashbacks, going global, and some intense fighting, this title has squeezed in a lot of content in eight issues. The seeds have been planted and the story is starting to sprout. I really enjoy what James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder (go figure) have created here. They are the main storytellers here and have laid out a pretty cool tale. Of course, the work doesn’t stop there, and this week, Genevieve Valentine picks up the scripting duties, nailing each character perfectly. I’m really enjoying this title because there’s no doubt Dick is the leading man, and the supporting players are just that: supporting. Hell, I’m even starting to appreciate Harper. Story always matters, but it’s the pictures that first grab your attention. Though nothing groundbreaking, Alvaro Martinez and Scot Eaton share the duties this week and do a good job.

Overall, another pleasant entry in the run. It’s not the best thus far (again, issue #6!) but still worth your money.



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