Batman ‘Red Son’ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

by AdamPrince
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Images are out for Sideshow Collectibles‘ Batman Red Son Premium Format Figure.


“Nothing on this earth will ever be able to stop me.”

Based on the critically acclaimed Elseworlds mini-series by Mark Millar, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the Batman Red Son Premium Format™ Figure.

Sometimes known by fans as Batmankoff, in this alternate reality Batman is a symbol of rebellion, a force of chaos in Superman’s world of perfect order, and the most wanted man in the Soviet Union after his parents are brutally murdered by the KGB. Expertly sculpted in one quarter scale, Batman is anarchy in black, dressed in a hand-tailored militaristic Cold War era costume with distinctive fur-lined hat, utility belt and sweeping cape. Planning his next strike with a bat-themed grappling hook at the ready, nothing will stop the leader of the new revolution from exacting revenge on the Communist politicians – and superheroes – who have corrupted his homeland.


Priced at $489.99. Pre-orders are being taken now. Shipping dates are set to start between Sep 2016 – Nov 2016.

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