Rocksteady Speaks on the Christian Bale Suit for ‘Arkham Knight!’

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Sefton Hill, game director and co-founder of Rocksteady Studios, has spoken on the topic of the inclusion of Christian Bale’s Batsuit within Arkham Knight.  Indubitably, many Arkham Knight gamers have recently grown to yearn for Bale’s Batsuit to be present in the final Arkham game, particularly because a) Michael Keaton’s Batsuit and 1989 Batmobile were recently released in August as DLC, and b) the 2008 Tumbler Batmobile was released in September, yesterday; thus, one would easily assume that the existence of and inclusion of Bale’s Batsuit would coincide with the 2008 Tumbler DLC.  However, that was not the case, but despite that unfortunate fact, Rocksteady seems to have utilized either telepathy or good judgment to assess our displeasure, and thus, they will provide us with Bale’s Batsuit as soon as humanly possible!  But…which one?  The Batman Begins suit or The Dark Knight suit?  Both suits are relatively similar to one another, but bear clear and striking differences.  The Dark Knight suit visibly showcases a utilitarian emphasis on mobility and functionality, while the Batman Begins suit exhibits a more comic-book-esque fear-inducing aesthetic value.

Here’s what Sefton Hill, co-founder of Rocksteady Studios, said on the matter of Bale’s Batsuit and its upcoming inclusion in Arkham Knight:

Which Batsuit do we want?  Both the Batman Begins and TDK suits are beautiful and compelling in their own particular ways, but which suit is most suitable for Arkham Knight?  My intuition tells me that the TDK suit is absolutely the most appropriate choice, but another part of me associates the BB suit with meeting the beastly Tumbler for the very first time.  Can we have both?  Pretty please?  Okay, fine…just the TDK suit.  Or both.  Thank you.


batman begins suit

Batman Begins Suit

the dark knight suit

The Dark Knight suit

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