Jim Doesn’t Look Like He’s Doing Well in These New Clips from ‘Gotham’ Season 2

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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Season 2 of Gotham is just about two weeks away and unfortunately, I’m still not excited for it. I know I will watch it, but the anticipation isn’t very high. However, with these two new clips coming to us just a couple days ago, my feelings may be a changing. These clips seem rather interesting.

So… Jim’s going to lose his job in every season? Should I just expect that from now on? Don’t get me wrong, the clip was pretty darn cool, but it just raises some questions. For instance, I thought Gordon and Bullock had enough dirt on Loeb to keep him under control. Did I miss something? The good thing is that I’m curious enough to want to watch.

Jim’s upset, so he runs to his buddy Penguin for help. If I were writing this scene, Jim would have said something like, “Pengy! Pengy! Loeb was mean to me again. Will you go beat him up for me?” I’m not a fan of the plot of this episode so far, but it’s drawing me in to an extent. Robin Lord Taylor, as per usual, absolutely tears it up in this clip. At this point, it’s Taylor and Cory Michael Smith’s Edward Nygma who’s bringing me back.

Check out Gotham on September 21st on Fox.

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