Review: Batman Beyond #4

by Alec Ward
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Writer: Dan Jurgens

Penciller: Bernard Chang

Brother Eye has used Batman’s artificial intelligence, Alfred, to lock in on his and the rest of the resistance’s location causing an all out war that rages through what’s left of Gotham City. In an effort to help the situation, Batman forces Alfred to turn himself off not knowing if he will ever be able to turn the AI on again. Temporary alliances are formed, and a new (to Tim Drake) piece of technology might be the key to helping Batman and the rest of his team bring down Brother Eye.

I’ll start this review by saying that this issue, even though it is part 4 in the ongoing series, is an excellent jumping-on point. Almost better, in fact, than the first issue of the series was. It doesn’t downright explain everything you need to know to you, but it does a decent job leading you into the battle with enough information for you to fully grasp what’s going on. The issue, definitely, rewards people who have read the past three issues, but there’s nothing really here that requires you to have read them. Any-who, long story short, I loved this issue.

It was jam-packed with action, adventure, and really, it was everything I was hoping this new Batman Beyond series could be. I like that this series isn’t relying on the previous continuity that Batman Beyond has had, even though that series was great as well. The issue ends with Tim and Barbara going to Wayne manor, which was surprisingly well kept I might add, and looking for something in the Batcave that could turn the tides for the better there. What do they find? Well, it was kind of spoiled by the cover of the next issue that will come out next month, but the current ‘Jim Gordon’ Batsuit! Sitting with all of the past Robin suits and ready for action! It’s also mentioned that the current Batsuit, as in the one Tim Drake is currently wearing, is the fifth version of the ‘Jim Gordon’ suit, thus really bringing all of the continuity together. I’ve been up-and-down with this series, but this has been my favorite issue thus far. If the series keeps going in this direction, it’s going to be a contender for my favorite comic of the year.




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