‘Arkham Knight’ Date-Related Manbat Easter Egg (Spoilers)

by Luke Wongsuwan
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Spoilers for a portion of Arkham Knight‘s secondary quests below:

Batman fans have discovered a date-specific Easter egg, hidden deep within the recesses of Rocksteady’s Arkham Knight.  The Easter egg particularly pertains to the villain, Manbat, with whom you interact when you partake in the “Most Wanted” side-quest called, “Creature of the Night.”  Once you complete this quest, you will be able to locate and visit Manbat in his special little containment chamber, found within the GCPD holding facility.  Subsequent to Manbat’s capture and containment, if you are so bold as to adjust your console or PC clocks to October 31st, then you will be able to experience a date-related Easter egg, in the form of a couple of extra scenes, that will both intrigue and scare the pajamas off of you.  Watch the video to get a specific depiction of what the date-change shall bring to you.

If you didn’t have the patience or ability to watch the two minute video…basically, here’s what happens: Batman flies around the city, as usual, but is startled when he discovers Manbat loose on a rooftop, once again.  So, you fly your Bat-butt back to GCPD, and discover that Manbat’s containment chamber is shattered into bits.  You can speak with an officer who briefly describes the breakout.  Not groundbreaking, life-changing stuff, but very interesting, at the very least.

Anyone collect all of those Riddler trophies yet?

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