Grant Morrison Pulls Back The Curtain on ‘Multiversity Too’ and ‘Batman: Black & White’

by Eric Joseph
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During the “Multiversity and Beyond” panel at SDCC, superstar writer Grant Morrison revealed his next two projects for DC. The first is Multiversity Too, an original series of graphic novels based on his magnum opus of a mini-series, The Multiversity. This initiative will explore 52 – and perhaps more – universes. Multiveristy Too: The Flash will be the first to see release in 2016. Knowing that Morrison once wanted to do a Flash: Earth One book, I imagine that some of his ideas will make it into this book.

Morrison will also continue the popular series Batman: Black & White, which normally are released as anthology books with several writers and artists working on them. Details are sketch for this installment, so stay tuned to DKN as more details are made available. Hey, if it’s Grant Morrison writing Batman, it has my attention.

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