WB Releases ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ Nightwing Teaser Poster

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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For any Nightwing fans out there, the inclusion of the first Boy Wonder in Batman: Arkham City was a real treat even if he was only offered in Challenge Maps and so on. His acrobatic skills and agility were a welcome difference from Batman brawler-style combat.

I can only imagine Nightwing fanatics were in ecstasy to see that not only will he be included Arkham Knight, but he can also be utilized in the new Dual-Play mechanic… which is the greatest treat for the world to enjoy.

So, a lot of the marketing has shifted to focus on members of the Batfamily.

The Batman Arkham Facebook page released a new teaser poster showing off Nightwing’s character model.


It’s cool to see the details of his new armor and turtle neck, but I’m confused about his pose. He;s standing with his back to the camera as if he’s a swimsuit model. It’s very strange.

For Nightwing enthusiasts, I suppose. Enjoy!

Source – Batman Arkham Facebook

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