Fox Releases New Promo Clips for ‘Gotham’ S1E20, ‘Under the Knife’

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So yeah, Gotham exists. It’s a pretty awesome show, but with all the random hiatuses and the super sick Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, who has time for TV? Well, Fox will continually remind you that an episode is coming out next week.

This week’s upcoming episode is entitled “Under the Knife,” and continues with new villain, serial killer Ogre. Alas, only 1 of 5 of these clips have anything to do with him at all.

In this clip, Ogre just calls up the GCPD and has a little chat with Gordon. How else is he supposed to get in contact with him? He could’ve written a letter and sent it to the GCPD, but that’s not why they’re paying Milo Ventimiglia the big bucks. It wasn’t very friendly, as it ends with Gordon receiving a very serious threat.


In this clip, Penguin seems way in over his head by attempting to hire an assassin to take out Sal Maroni. Also, Penguin’s jacket lapels are so sharp that they remind me of Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas.


In this clip, Bruce and Selina go on another hot date. This time to a swanky formal party. Why does nobody notice a couple of 11-year-old’s walking around a party like that, unsupervised? So many irresponsible adults.


In this clip, it’s Captain Essen and Bullock who are having a chat on the phone. Essen is warning Bullock to keep an eye on Gordon. I also notice that when she said, “Watch him,” it was said as if it was supposed to be tagged up with something else. Like she said the line with no finality. That really bothered me. Maybe it was the way it was delivered, maybe a piece of audio was cut. Or maybe Bullock was just rude and hung up the phone before she could finish.


In this clip, we see Sal Maroni cozying up to Penguin’s mama. That’s not an image that I’d like to imagine. Penguin is understandably not amused.

Tune in Monday, April 20th for the next episode of Gotham, entitled “Under the Knife, ” at 8/7C on Fox.

Source – Superherohype

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