Beyond The Bat: ‘Quarantine Zone’ & ‘Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi’ Announced

Today, DC Entertainment and Alloy Entertainment announced, via  io9, that Daniel H. Wilson (Earth 2: World’s End, Earth 2: Society) will pen a new graphic novel titled Quarantine Zone. Here’s how DC describes it:

What if humanity discovered the root of all evil? And what if it was a virus? Must it be contained?

Welcome to the QUARANTINE ZONE. Set in the future, those infected with the virus have been forcibly imprisoned in the Quarantine Zone (whether they choose to do good or evil). These prisoners are watched over by the special forces unit known as Quarantine Zone Enforcement. While the rest of the world is sterile and crime-free, they live full of the fear of new outbreaks. But what happens if someone with the virus goes undetected in the outside world?

Drawn by Fernando Pasarin, QUARANTINE ZONE ($22.99 / 160p / on sale in comic stores January 6 and everywhere books are sold January 12, 2016) is an action packed scifi story that raises questions about free will and the nature of good and evil.

Feast your eyes on this interior art.



In other news, Vertigo announced Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi, a prequel to 2012’s Get Jiro!, that features the following creative team: writer Anthony Bourdain (Kitchen ConfidentialMedium Raw), co-writer Joel Rose (La PacificaKill Kill Faster Faster), interior artist Alé Garza, and cover artist Dave Johnson.

Vertigo describes it as follows:

Reminiscent of a Yakuza action movie, the original graphic novel GET JIRO: BLOOD AND SUSHI is set in Tokyo and tells the story of how Jiro’s two worlds collided as he worked for his father’s mob, yet pursued his love of cooking at night to become a chef.

“Where did my ultra-violent sushi chef hero from the previous book come from? What if you were brought up in a family where murder is acceptable practice and making the best sushi on the planet is a shameful secret?” Writer Anthony Bourdain stated, “I wanted to take the story back to its beginnings–in Japan (albeit a slightly-in-the-future, dystopic Japan), and indulge my own enthusiasms for both the place and the many classic genre films that have been made there. This is fun for me.” 

The 160 page graphic novel will be released October 20. Now enjoy a look at some artwork.

Get Jiro.finalcover


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