Rocksteady Releases Developer Commentary for Ace Chemical Plant Trailer for Arkham Knight

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Can you possibly wait 6 months for Rocksteady’s exit from the Arkhamverse, Batman: Arkham Knight? Me neither. And they’re doing a pretty good job of keeping anxiety levels high. Over the holiday months back in the ’14, we got some gameplay action in the form of a three-part demonstration through the Ace Chemicals Plant. Just when the holidays have settled down and people are slowly getting over their post-holiday blues, Rocksteady has brought us another look into Arkham Knight by providing a developer commentary on those Ace Chemical Infiltration videos.

Check it out below:

Aside from extolling the game that he and his team have been working on, he provides just a few interesting tidbits that properly raised my anxiety level even higher than they already were. The Arkham series is known for creating a groundbreaking freeflow combat system for which all action/adventure games aim to aspire. And in this sequel, it seems that they’ve enhanced it even further. How can you really advance upon perfection?

But what excites me most is the Batmobile. Apparently, they wanted to ensure that the Batmobile didn’t play as just a cumbersome vehicle, but more of an extension of the Bats, so much so that they gave the car its own freeflow combat system. Can you imagine? I know I had my reservations about its inclusion due to my less than adequate skills at handling in-game vehicles (GTA has taught me nothing), but this certainly raises my anticipation to a whole new zenith.

Alas, 6 more months. You gotta wait until June 2nd to grab this masterpiece.

Source – IGN

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