DC: New 52 Batman Comic Gets Size and Price Increase

by Luke Wongsuwan
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DC’s New 52 Batman issues #35-37 bring the “Endgame” storyline, and will have an increase in content that will reach 30 pages per issue.  Resultantly, what is known as Snyder’s/Capullo’s Batman will see an increase in price, from $3.99 to $4.99.  A combo pack, which includes a download code for the digital version of a given issue, will be priced at $5.99.  There have been price jumps in the past, but to see it happen on several consecutive issues is noteworthy.

Batman New 52 #35 Endgame 91actDrSDQL._SL1500_

Batman #35 will be released next week, on October 8th.

DCcomics.com has yet to update the price change, but will most likely do so in the near future.

Additionally, whether or not Batman will return to its previous size and price after “Endgame” concludes is currently unknown.

Source: Bleeding Cool, Newsarama

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