HD Arkham Knight Screenshots from GamesCom

Check out these awesome Arkham Knight screenshots from GamesCom 2014.  The Remote Controlled Batarang looks as sharp as ever, while the Batmobile shines as a black beast that pierces the night with its red eyes of justice.  Enjoy.

1407932848-batman-ak-gc14-5 arkham
Remote Controlled Batarang
1407932858-batman-ak-gc14-4 arkham
Catching a good buzz…
1407932857-batman-ak-gc14-1 arkham
Batmobile’s Battle Mode
1407932854-batman-ak-gc14-2 arkham
Welcome to Chinatown
1407933414-batman-ak-gc14-3 arkham
Batman rescues a city worker. Notice the comfy backseats for passengers.


Source: ArkhamVerse