New Project Announced For ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’ Artist David Finch

by Eric Joseph
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The rumors have been circulating for the last few months and can now be confirmed – David Finch will become the regular artist on the Wonder Woman monthly comic, starting this November with issue #36! Not only that, writing duties will be handled by his wife, Meredith Finch. Readers of this site will likely be most familiar with him from his work on Batman: The Dark Knight, or his more recent contributions to Justice League of America and Forever Evil.

With her first big screen appearance looming in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this seems like it will be a great jumping on point for new readers. Still, I don’t think you should ignore the fantastic run by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang that is about to wrap. But whereas Azzarello and Chiang’s run focused more on Greek Gods and Diana’s supporting characters, Mr. and Mrs. Finch’s run seems to focus on the personal aspects and involve her Justice League teammates.

“A big part of what Meredith wants to do is write a story about a woman who is trying to take on all of those different things and try to make them all work together,” David told USA TODAY. “We wanted to make her a little more flawed. She doesn’t always necessarily have the answers.”

The new team also hopes to attract even more female readers. Meredith believes that a female writer can bring a different perspective on the character:

“That’s one aspect of being a female writer I can bring to her. Women tend to react in a different way, and I can bring some of that reactionary (thinking), going from your heart sometimes more than from your head,” she says. “I hope that between the two of us, we’ll be able to bring that balance so she’s got a really complex character as we go forward.”

I think this run has the chance to be something special. You can glimpse David Finch’s interpretation of Wonder Woman below.


Source: USA Today

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