Batman #32 Review

by Ryan Lower
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Synopsis: The penultimate issue of ZERO YEAR is here! Batman gets one step closer to the endgame with The Riddler as the final chapter of ZERO YEAR: SAVAGE CITY draws closer to its stunning finale!


This week’ss issue of Batman is all about the chase, the chase to find The Riddler. Lucius, from a van, talks to Batman and Gordon while they trek through the city, both above and below ground. Easy enough, right? Wrong. Nothing goes as planned and The Dark Knight finally sets himself on a “this is my last shot” mission, even sending Alfred a final message that he may never hear.

batman323 batman324



Here’s a few things to look for:

  • A new butler
  • Short Circuit?
  • Batman high, Gordon low
  • A van down by the river
  • Blocking an air strike
  • Back to where it started

This issue isn’t one of my favorites. I felt like there was a lot of dialogue without a lot of follow-up. Batman fought a few machines, Gordon’s in a sewer and Lucius is in a van… for the majority of the issue. We finally get a Batman-Riddler face off but it’s at the end and leaves us excited for next month’s grand finale.

Capullo’s art is still top-notch, and I wish these two could stay on the title forever. You can tell they work with each other, and the art complements the words and vice versa.

Though it’s not my favorite, Batman #32 is important to the “Zero Year” story. I’m just not crazy about this one… but check back with me in a month, I may have a different opinion.




Rating: 7/10

Side note: Batman cost $3.99, a dollar more than the usual comics and inside I got 21 pages of Batman #32… and 5 preview pages of GRAYSON! It’s a comic I have no interest in reading whatsoever, yet I got screwed because I had to pay the extra buck for crap. A dirty move by DC nonetheless, capitalizing on their hottest title with the hottest team, to try and plug a new series. Not surprised, just don’t like being taken advantage of. Ick… I need to take a shower, I feel all dirty.

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