DC to Release Batman: Death of the Family in Paperback with Joker Mask

by Adam Poncharoen​sub
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DC to release paperback of Batman: Death of the Family in a special edition set that will include a Joker mask.

deathofthefamilygraphicnovelThe Death of the Family arc was Scott Snyder’s first real stab at the Joker in the New 52 continuity and it’s one we won’t soon forget. This version seemed more than obsessed with Batman, so much so that it had me questioning whether he was an arch-nemesis or some psychopathic, jilted ex-lover. Then again, I’m sure it’s a dynamic that has been explored multiple times in the past. My only real gripe was how anticlimactic the ending was. In the end, I just have to accept that the Joker has always been interested in lingering, internal damage than anything that can heal in a few months. All of the seemingly indiscriminate violence is oftentimes a means to an end.
Now, I have the hardcover trade copy of the Death of the Family and it is a beautiful piece. The dust jacket depicts Joker’s face, but once the jacket is removed, so goes the Joker’s face. We are then treated to a nicely detail look at a skinless, sinewy Joker. As with any book, a paperback is sure to follow. As an added incentive for collectors, similar to the Court of Owls set released back in October last year, we’re getting a mask meant to replicate the Joker’s decomposing skin… You know. The one he straps on to his face with hooks and a leather strap so that he’s even partially recognizable as the Joker we know and quiver away from? That one. On top of that, they’ve included a tuft of his green hair to help complete the horrific illusion.


Now, I love my hardcover, but this is enticing, indeed. Find it in online retailers or brick-and-mortar stores on September 24th, 2014, retailing for $39.99.

Source – DC Comics

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