Arkham Origins DLC: “Cold, Cold Heart”‘s Length

by Andrew Lococo
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While there are rumors of an upcoming Batman game being announced very soon, that doesn’t mean that Arkham Origins is done with it’s DLC.  You might have seen the new teaser trailer released recently about the next DLC for the game entitled “Cold, Cold Heart”, focusing on Mr. Freeze’s origin and his first confrontation with the Batman early in his career. Recently it was announced just how long the new DLC would take to complete. In terms of length, the DLC will be about on par with the length of  “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” from Batman: Arkham City. If you recall, Harley Quinn’s Revenge was about a couple of hours added onto the main game. The DLC will be avalible April 22nd, for Playstation Network, Steam, and Xbox Live.

Source:  Twitter

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