Ben Affleck rumoured to start on Batman vs Superman Immediately.

fanchat-batman-superman-artwork2Last week we had reported in two stories that Ben Affleck first injured himself which was affecting production of Batman vs Superman, then shortly after as a follow up that production was delayed by almost 12 months. The injury reports took the internet by storm, some mentioned a leg injury while others reported a rib injury. However when Ben Affleck was seen in public at several award ceremonies looking fit and healthy those injury reports diminished very quickly (just like the Dark Knight into the shadows).

Deadline is telling us that the filming of Batman vs Superman isn’t being delayed. News sources from the website have said:

“Word is that production is not being delayed and the main players have been summoned to start work right away.”
Ben Affleck was marked to direct “The Middle Man” (pilot) which Deadline is reporting to have said that this is now on hold due to Affleck having to go work on Batman vs Superman immediately.


What seems to be happening is that we are receiving different reports on the filming status of the WB blockbuster. If what Deadline is reporting is true it could mean that even though a release date has been pushed out they are filming immediately possibly because they have two films to get through back to back. Batman vs Superman and then Justice League. Has the move of Marvel’s Ant-Man which will compete with DC’s Peter Pan have forced the hand of WB and therefore they are keen to start shooting MOS 2 (Man of Steel 2 – another working title for Batman vs Superman) immediately?

Time will tell, stay tuned same Bat Time, same Bat Channel.


Source: Deadline

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