Jennifer Garner Has Seen The New Bat-Suit

by Andrew Lococo
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Half the fun of waiting for a Superhero movie is seeing the costume. At least, it is for me. When you wait to see the big display of the outfit that the actors will be running around in, paying homage to the costumes of the comics while doing it’s own thing, it helps solidify whether or not the movie will be worth watching. Superman vs Batman is no exception to this. While I’m sure the new Bat-suit won’t have nipples again, no one has seen the elusive suit. It’s a mystery to everyone.

Well, almost everyone, besides long time friend of Affleck, Kevin Smith had a while ago seen the suit, saying it was something we had never seen before. While details are scarce, Jennifer Garner, Affleck’s wife, has come to our aid by painting a little more of a broad picture. She said wouldn’t be able to “get him out of the suit” and that it’s a “total reinvention of the suit”. From what it sounds like, the suit seems to be complex and designed in a way that fans would not be expecting. Prehaps it’s more of a power suit these days like out of Kingdom Come, or perhaps the Dark Knight Returns. While the film has been delayed by another year, to 2016, we eagerly await to see when the suit will be revealed.

Source: Entertainment Tonight via Youtube

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