Li’l Gotham Comes To An End

by Gilbert Rivera
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Li’l Gotham is my second favorite Bat-book out there.  Its stories are presented in small episodes and have a more lighthearted tone that contrasts nicely with Snyder’s Batman.  A fan favorite series, Li’l Gotham‘s chapters take place during different holidays, and while it was long rumored to be a limited run, fans hoped it would last forever.


Debuting on October 31st, 2012 with a Halloween-themed installment, Batman: Li’l Gotham has found fans of all ages with its unique, watercolor art and distinctly lighter take on the (usually very) Dark Knight. And considering it’s a digital first series, it felt only natural to give the creative team a chance to say goodbye to the comic and all of its great fans.


The final chapter

Derek Fridolfs:  “What started out as an excuse to use as many holiday puns as we could, turned into a fun run of stories. To all our supporters…parents with kids and those young at heart…we thank you for welcoming us, reading our silliness, and sharing our stories. Gotham turned out to be a pretty bright and swell place to be. Missing our Li’l friends already.”

Dustin Nguyen:  “Thanks, everyone, for the fantastic adventure through Gotham!”

thatsall_52af839a2e1ee1.78829661If, like me, you are a print version reader (I love it so much that I want a physical copy,) the final issue will be out on March 12th, otherwise the entire 24 chapter run is digitally available now, and if you’ve never read it before, I highly suggest you give it a look.

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