Arkham Origins Forces You To Become Batman

Video games these days become very predictable.  One of my favorite series, Halo, follows this trend.  Shot some aliens, find some new cool guns, fight a boss, do it all over again until you make it through a few plot twists and cool cutscenes.  You get to be Master Chief but you actually don’t become him or learn to become him.  You are just an badass.  Warner Bros. Games Montreal is trying to change that formula by making players earn the mantel of the Bat.


Throughout the game, [players are] doing [free-flow combat], they’re doing Predator [stealth combat], they’re doing navigation. And we wanted to make sure that the bosses were testing that and not necessarily testing exotic skills, things that they would have to learn in the boss fight…If you don’t test people, then they’re never really required to go into that depth…So we wanted to kind of require them to dig a little deeper into some of these systems.”

Batman-Arkham-Origins_Sept-18_2 got to play an early section of the game that involves an interrogation with the Penguin that gets interrupted by Deathstroke.  They detailed how the game actually makes you adapt and learn how to fight against him, instead of just doing a certain combo over and over again until you get to do your finishing move. As detailed: “The duel proceeds in a few stages. We had to correctly time a long chain of counters in order to get the opportunity to whale on Deathstroke for a bit. It’s tough to time some countering sequences because Batman fends off a few blows automatically — it’s part of the animation in that Deathstroke attack — which can throw off your rhythm because you have to wait until a certain point before you press the counter button.”


I cannot keep stating how excited I am for this game.  With all that has been shown, how can this game not live up to the hype.  With all the talk thats been going on about GTA 5, I think this game might sneak up behind it and give it a run for its money for game of the year.   For the full article click on the source link.

Source: Polygon