Ben Affleck Talks About Batman On Late Night

Affleck talks with Jimmy Fallon about Batman. Click the jump to see more.

On Late Night, Ben Affleck is promoting his new movie called Runner Runner coming out on October 4th. It will be one of the movies that most Bat-fans should go see to check out if he has improved as an actor. Affleck will also have two more movies coming out as well in either 2014 or in 2015 called Live By Night and Gone Girl.

Ben Affleck has been the top discussion of all non-Batman and Batman fans. Will he prevail as being Batman? Some is giving him benefit of the doubt that he can pull it off. However, the WB CEO, Kevin Tsujihara, feels that Affleck is perfect for the role to portray a tired, seasoned, and weary Batman who might be skeptical of Superman in Man of Steel 2 also known as Superman vs. Batman. Please note that the title has not be confirmed yet.

Still let’s see what Affleck has to say about his role as Batman for the 2015 movie. See the clip above.

Source-  Late Night With Jimmy Fallon