Batman: Arkham Origins Q&A with Senior Producer, Creative Director, Gives Details on Deathstroke DLC

Batman: Arkham Origins senior producer, Ben Mattes, and creative director, Eric Holmes, answer some fan-submitted questions.

Arkhamverse managed to contact WB Montreal, the developers of the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins, and posed to them some questions generated by fans and other questions centered on the development of the game. There aren’t many questions answered, but the questions regarding some of the developmental and conceptual aspects of game really elicited very insightful answers from senior producer Ben Mattes. The most interesting, however, is that when Arkhamverse posed a question about Geoff Johns and any incorporation of New 52 canon into Arkham Origins, Mattes chose to ignore some parts of the question. In fact, he didn’t acknowledge the New 52 at all when answering the question, opting instead to talk (very vaguely) about Geoff Johns’ involvement.

Regardless, some of the more pressing questions came from the fans who asked about various things such as any cool Easter eggs in the vein of warden Quincy Sharp’s secret room in Arkham Asylum, Joker’s role in Arkham Origins, or the possible return of the Special Combo Throw from Arkham Asylum. But I think the burning question right now on the minds of Batfans at the moment regarding Arkham Origins is how exactly will Deathstroke play, to which creative director Eric Holmes replied:

Deathstroke doesn’t get out and about in the open world – he’s Challenge Room specific. But he has his own gadgets and combat moveset. There are lots of micro-changes, but the biggest one is his regeneration ability – Deathstroke can heal during combat. This is especially useful in long fights such as the 100-TO-1 mode which comes with the Deathstroke pre-order DLC. This pits the player against 100 enemies in one single encounter.


So there you have it, guys. Deathstroke is basically Nightwing from Arkham City, meaning no free-roam. Damn, that was one of the most enticing possibilities of the Deathstroke DLC. I’m sufficiently deflated.

Also, for those of you who were annoyed with the Grapnel Boost’s appearance defying the chronology of the timeline, given that it was a prototype in Arkham City, may or may not be satisfied with Holmes’ explanation for that. “The Grapnel Boost? That’s an untested prototype! Batman: Arkham Origins has a feature called the Grapnel Accelerator.”

What do you think of Ben Mattes completely ignoring the question regarding the New 52 contributions? Are you disappointed that Deathstroke will not have his own set of missions like Catwoman from Arkham City? Let me know.

Source – Arkhamverse

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