To Be Batfleck, Or Not To Be…

by Kayla Ann
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I could go on an hour-long rant about my thoughts on the whole WB decision to make Ben Affleck the next Batman. I’ve been raging about it all week, in fact. But I also know that, that’s pretty much what everyone else is doing. So instead, I’ll just sum it up for you.

Armageddon was an amazing movie, and Ben did a great job. The Town was very well directed and even a captivating plot. And then there’s the go-to for all the Affleck haters: Daredevil. I could’ve done a FAR better job in that movie with my eyes closed. My cat could have too, and she doesn’t even have opposable thumbs!

Look. What it comes down to, in my own personal opinion, is the WB wanted Ben for Justice League, and they wanted to give him a high-profile movie role to bring him back into the spotlight. I just hope their reasoning in choosing him isn’t for money, because I’d rather pay my hard-earned money to go see someone who can fill the cape and cowl, than someone who’s just a superhero fanatic and can’t act for crap.


Am I being too harsh? Maybe. Heath Ledger wouldn’t have been anyone’s top pick for Joker, and he floored me with his spectacular performance. So I’ll give Ben a small leash, and see what he can do. But for me, he’s got some big shoes to fill.

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