Community Spotlight: Bat-Father Races Against Cancer

by Luke Wongsuwan
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According to BBC News,

A man has turned his late father’s old car into a “Batmobile” which he plans to race across Europe for charity.

Mark Wells, a father and a Batman enthusiast from Essex, has transformed his father’s old Seat Cordoba into a homemade racing machine, and will dress as Batman to race the vehicle with a group of friends for a 1,500 mile journey known as Crumball Rally.


Joined by 60 other cars, they will drive from the UK, via France through Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany to Prague in the Czech Republic.

They hope to arrive in Prague in their diesel-engine “Batmobile” (which has 90,000 miles on the clock) on Sunday.

Wells, whose father was lost to cancer over a decade ago, has dedicated himself to this great cause, and we support him.

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Source: BBC News

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