Batman Comic Auction

by Kayla Ann
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Two of the most influential Batman comics are going up for auction, folks. If you’ve saved your pennies for a rainy day, this would be the time. Just make sure it’s a LOT of pennies.

Batman #1 and The Dark Knight Returns #2 are up on the chopping block for about half a million dollars. Those who have read Batman #1, know that this was The Joker and Catwoman’s first appearance in the Bat-universe. So of course this issue is widely known and loved (or hated, depending on your views of these dastardly villains). But do you love it enough to pay $450,000 for it? And it’s not even the first time it’s been auctioned off!

…the work, which boasts a 9.2 grade cover, was auctioned two years ago for nearly $450,000.


How about The Dark Knight Returns #2?



That horrific, brutal image of our beloved Bat is the cover of the issue, and it’s expected to bring in upwards of $500,000.


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Source: Huffington Post

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