Bane’s Co-Creator Graham Nolan returns for Bane’s Villains Month Issue

by Brendon Carlson
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Over 20 years ago now, Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1  was released which included the debut of Bane who was created by Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench, and Graham Nolan.  Bane is best known for his role in Batman: Knightfall including breaking the back of Batman.  With the launch of the New 52, it was said that Batman‘s history was intact, however slowly we are seeing small changes.  Bane has been seen in Batman: The Dark Knight and recently and upcoming in Talon.  The Villains Month issue of Batman #23.4 with  is starting to sound like more will be revealed about the new history of Bane.

Newsarama: Graham, first off – how does it feel to be back on Bane? How long has it been since you’ve done a story with the character?

Graham Nolan: Great! I did an origin sequence in theCountdown to 52 a couple years ago. Before that I think theBane of the Demon series was my last encounter with Bane.

As far as how he was included in this issue, Nolan reveals that Mike Marts contacted him as well as he has been looking into a DC project.  Nolan has been in contact with Peter Tomasi and says this about the story:

Nolan: We bring the readers up to date on Bane’s background in the New 52 as he heads from Santa Prisca to begin a war in Gotham.

Graham Nolan also talks about what has happened to Bane since he was created and is asked about his thoughts about The Dark Knight Rises:

Nrama: Has your approach to drawing Bane changed any since you first rendered the character?

Nolan: DC has changed his look a bit from my original design, but how I approach the character will be the same. Bane is very intelligent, so when he is not in action I draw him contemplative and I try to have his body language indicate he is a man of thought. But when he is in action, he is feral and explosive.

My Bane has a more “real world” physique. He may look like the biggest bodybuilder in the world, but he never has “Hulk” proportions.

Nrama: Last time we spoke, The Dark Knight Rises hadn’t been released yet. What did you think of the final product?

Nolan: I don’t think any of the movies have captured who Batman is. I liked how Bane was portrayed by Tom Hardy, but I’m not a fan of the mask or the fact that Talia was pulling the strings. Bane would not be manipulated by any man…or woman for that matter.

Towards the end of the interview, there is more hope that Graham Nolan will come back to DC again:

Nrama: What are some other DC villains you’d like to tackle?

Nolan: None in particular. There are DC heroes I am interested in though.

Nrama: Who are some of the DC heroes you’d like to draw?

Nolan: I practically grew up in the Atlantic Ocean on Long Island and in Florida, and always wanted a shot at Aquaman. The Phantom Stranger is another oddball character I’d like a crack at. Green Lantern, Superman and of course, Batman would be characters I would like to revisit.

The interview does give a lot of good vibes to the upcoming issue and hopefully will shed more light on the new 52 history of Bane and elevate his status in the New 52.

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 Source: Newsarama

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