Capullo Talks Zero Year

by Gilbert Rivera
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In an interview with IGN, Batman artist Greg Capullo discussed the pressures of taking on Batman’s origin for The New 52.

The biggest challenge has always been there. Batman is such a big, iconic character that the world loves. And because we’re getting so much positive press and the fans are liking it, it doesn’t make the pressure get smaller. It actually makes it grow. So the pressure, for me, is always high. Just always high. Now you mention Zero Year and it’s like, “Can we make it any harder on ourselves?” To have Zero Year, which everybody is just going to instinctively compare to Year One, the awesome origin tale.

So how do we make that different and make it cool and keep our nerves in check and be brave? It’s really nerve-wracking; I’m straining with the layouts, stuff I would just normally bang out I’m giving so much thought. Because when you’re doing something like Zero Year, for sure it’s going to be canon now. It’s a very, very important thing, so I hope I can look back on it sometime down the road and be proud of the work I did with Scott on the book. Because it’s not going to be going away any time soon, you know? It’s a lot of pressure, so all we can do is put all of our hearts and blood and guts into it and hope that the fans respond.

Greg Capullo (left) and Scott Snyder (right)

Greg Capullo (left) and Scott Snyder (right)

Greg also touched on how he is approaching the issues differently from his usual work on Batman:

We definitely want it to be brighter. You’ll see that a lot of this stuff is taking place in broad daylight. By virtue of that, it’s going to look a lot different. We don’t have Batman quite so much, so it’s kind of the direct opposite of what we’ve been seeing with the bleak colors. We want things to be bright and blue skies. In that way, we’re trying for a different look. […] We want to keep it a little bit edgier, because Bruce was a lot edgier.


Greg, then teased some easter eggs, including a new Batmobile design:

There’s a lot of cool things that will tie it all together so you go, “Ah that’s where that came from!” So I’m really excited because that old car you mentioned, that’s going to come into play in a few more issues. So I get to design another Batmobile, but one of these cool old-fashioned looking ones.


There you have it Bat-fans, it seems Capullo and Snyder have many more surprises in store as Zero Year progresses.  What do you all think of it so far?  Let us know with your comments below, like us on Facebook, and follow our Twitter @DKNewsCom!

Source – IGN


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