Infinite Crisis: Coast City Trailer

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Infinite Crisis, WB’s forthcoming Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), gives us a new trailer for the map of Coast City, Green Lantern’s hometown. Click the jump to see more.

We haven’t really received any new champion profiles for some time, but I figure it’s necessary to do a recap for those who still haven’t managed to catch up on all the colorful characters that will be featured in Infinite Crisis. The Justice Leaguers introduced thus far are Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Shazam, and Cyborg. The villains introduced thus far include the Joker, Poison Ivy, and Doomsday. The alternate dimensioners introduced thus far include the Gastlight version of Batman, Catwoman, and Joker as well as Nightmare Batman.

It seems they took the week or so off to put together this brand new trailer that they’re calling the Coast City trailer.

For a second, I really thought this was the plot to the game, but after realizing that I don’t normally play MOBA games, I further realized that I had to re-think it. There was a reason why this so-called plot was so vague. And it hit me, this is just trailer to this specific map

It was such a cathartic moment, similar to the end of one of those Saw movies where everything came together and finally made sense. I was wondering why they specifically mentioned Coast City. After having that epiphany, I knew it was time to re-watch it and look at it from a different perspective. The trailer was meant to showcase fun and rousing gameplay for this past week’s E3, and it succeeded, but I’m sure that’s just the editing. Either way, it did its job.

Turbine Studios are currently developing Infinite Crisis. There is no set release date for the game, but beta testing has officially begun. You can sign up here.

I tried my hardest to glimpse any new heroes that they’ve yet to introduced, but either they didn’t use any or it was too quick for my fatigued eye. Take a look for yourself and let me know.

How does the gameplay look to you? What other maps do you think they’ll introduce? Let me know.

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Source – Infinite Crisis YouTube Channel

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